Monday, May 22, 2017

Public comment period on national monuments

National monuments threatened by executive order. Comment by May 26 on Bears Ears, by July on the others. Lots of great monuments threatened!


Not a good photographer...


summer's cold cranks up
outdoor shade penetrates
my electric chill

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A month of me

I'm the featured poet at Polu Texni this month. PT is a weekly webzine that publishes lots of great SFF poetry. Each one is accompanied by an illustration. These usually seem to be very apt.

May 8, interview with me
May 15, The Trajectory of Culture (w Kendall Evans) — A science fiction poem
May 22, If She Knew She Was a Ghost — A dark fantasy poem. Maybe a bit darker than that.
Another poem will be posted next Monday, and then another.


Gangsters in my eyes

into my
not unreceptive
brain; we’re off into glistered streets
looking for trouble we’re gonna find: up against brick
under name-scarred tables, between
familiar thighs
hope we both
make it


one desk is cleared and another buried
a prized receipt unearth


de vermis nocturnus

Born at noon, razored out of rock, tile, or marble,
they spill forth noiselessly
from steaming maternal slits,
squirming under chairs, within stones,
behind you.

They grow, slithering from incandescent edge to edge,
temperaments hotter than their Stygian hues,
pushing the bounds of their cages,
which are never large enough.
They wax as day wanes;
by nightfall they're ready to cut loose.

The night worms hunger, ceaselessly;
what sustenance they find under, within, and behind
the objects of this world can never be enough.

They are easily seen, if you know how to look:
those hints of movement in the dark recesses
of our world are mere phantasms.
Look sideways; in an eye's corner see the night worms writhe;
feel the growing pressure of their attention.

Above all, be circumspect.
Your Shih Tzu, Little Ozzie, who disappeared last week?
You did not eat him at that new Asian restaurant
in spicy red-cooked noodles Friday night.
Keep your toddler nephew in the light.

Publ. Star*line, 2012